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Whether you require unusual or eye catching images of your building or premises or just good technical shots which cannot be achieved from ground level, then aerial photography Wirral is the way to go.

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Unlike mast systems which are restricted to the height of the mast (usually between 15 and 20 metres), a drone can fly up to a few hundred feet and take several views within a few minutes of taking off. Consequently, aerial photographs can often be included in the cost of a standard ground level shoot.They are also considerably cheaper than hiring a helicopter thus allowing aerial photographs where previously budgets wouldn’t have allowed this.

We specialise in very high quality oblique aerial photography, aerial videos and surveys, which gives the viewer a detailed panoramic view of an area, site, or even a single building or small feature from a variety of different heights and angles.

We can also carry out vertical and near-vertical aerial photography, which gives the viewer a plan-type view of an area

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Much of the aerial photography and survey work we carry out is commissioned by clients ranging from multi-national companies recognised as leaders in their respective fields to single individuals. When engaged in this type of work, we can either follow the client’s specific instructions; use our own expertise and fine judgement once over the site; or a combination of both, depending on what has been agreed with the client. In this way we can be relied upon to shoot a selection of photographs or video to satisfy any requirement.

As we always try to deliver each project as cost-effectively as possible, we can often complete a number of commissions on a single flight, particularly if we are given sufficient notice. In this way we can deliver the very high quality aerial photography and survey work for which we are widely renowned at very competitive prices.

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What service can be provided?

The aerial photography drone can be used in a variety of ways which have a number of advantages over conventional aerial photography by aircraft or helicopter. All small aircraft and helicopters can’t fly below 500 feet above ground level. The UAV can fly from ground level up to a maximum height of 400 feet, opening up a whole new area of views and opportunities. This unique service is simple and quick to setup on location, is cheaper than aircraft and helicopters and can allow for the footage to be reviewed instantly when it has been landed.

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The key areas for aerial photography Wirral are

Wind turbine inspection

Aerial Inspection